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As per the vision and call of God the almighty I have established the ministry namely "GOSPEL TO THE LOST SOULS" (GLS). At podili, prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh in south India and serving the oppressed suppressed and the down trodden and backward communities spiritually and socially, for they all round development. God uses me in prophesying and healing heathens, as per the spiritual gifts granted to me by the almighty Jesus Christ, and I am indeed the benevolent and grateful to the god and the real credit and glory goes to him in making me as his instrument in his marvelous services.

Through this ministry each and every village of this are a participating regularly in the church services and receiving god’s presence and blessings, many of them were being repented from their worldly things and rejoicing in God's glory. Some of them being healed from their ailments. The sinners are being repented thieves were also changed (Trans formed) and confessed their sins with repentance by returning there stolen things.

Through prayers and gospel message power the devils find no place in the acquitted persons and they are very much rejoicing in the spirited out look.

We are also nourishing the orphans, destitute, and widows by preaching gospel and helping them in their needs. In our programmes, we are visiting local hospitals and praying amidst the patients especially among HIV / AIDS patients for their betterment spiritual side. We are touching all walks of life and preaching the gospel for the glorification of Lord Jesus and saviors Christ.
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